After 7 years of singing together, GU4 have gone their separate ways. Pete has moved to Northumberland and Miggy has moved to Devon. Bill and Karen remain in Leicestershire and sing together under the name ‘Shades of Grey’.

Thanks to all for your friendship and encouragement.

Unaccompanied english traditional song in harmony from Pete Burnham, Miggy Campbell, Karen Harris and Bill Wilkes.
"Gorgeous harmony singing and plenty of opportunity for you to join in with them. Their infectious love of singing shines through like a beacon." - Paul Ryan, Black Diamond Folk Club

"stunning performance .... . Thoroughly recommended if you're looking for a guest act" - Dave Morton, Pack Horse Folk Club

"Hardly a note untouched" - Roger Bryant

"lovely harmonies" - Niamh Parsons

"Squint and they look like Abba" - Mike Wilkinson, Dolphin Morris

Based in Leicestershire, their rich sound has won many fans and is taking them to clubs and festivals throughout England. Armed only with a set of pitch pipes, they perform a wide variety of material ranging from gentle and sensitive love songs that can hold an audience rapt in silence, to raucous chorus numbers delivered with such verve that even the most reticent are encouraged to join in.

Their repertoire comes straight from the English tradition or from contemporary writers such as Peter Bellamy, Graeme Miles, Benny Graham, George Thomas and their own Miggy Campbell. Their renditions are well-crafted and carry a spark of spontaneity delivered with enthusiasm and a healthy slice of good humour. A varied programme is guaranteed through song selection and choice of lead vocal and harmonies.

Pete, Miggy, Karen and Bill have all been immersed in English folk music for most of their lives and bring together backgrounds from the North East, Sussex, Leicester and Birmingham. Not surprisingly their disparate roots have led to a wide range of influences but they share a love of The Watersons, The Copper Family, The Young Tradition, Peter Bellamy, Swan Arcade, The Wilsons, Johnny Collins, Beggars Velvet and the acappella harmonies associated with the early years of Steeleye Span.

Their songs are well travelled, with bookings the length of the country from Chichester to South Shields. Festival bookings include Alcester, Banbury, Belvoir Castle, Bedworth, Bideford, Chippenham, Market Harborough, Moira Furnace, Ryedale, Saddleworth, Upton and Warwick.

"All singing in my heart, all praying in my brain "It comes of heat and beer!" - hark how he guffaws plain!" - Ned Bratts (Robert Browning, 1879)